Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Enhancing the nipple-cock connection
A number of you have asked me how to make the nipples more sensitive, and how to really build that nipple-cock connection stronger. Here are my tips I shared with one or two of you earlier;)
To increase the pleasure you get from nippleplay, it’s important that you play with them often, and try to make the nipple-cock connection stronger. I think it’s essential that you play with your nipples when you cum: pull on them as you’re shooting your load, and roll your finger around the tips of your nipples. Try edging, and bring yourself close to cumming by masturbating, then hold back and start working on your nipples. At the same time, think something very horny as you play with your nipples, and set your goal to cum without touching your nipples. With the right mood and long play, you may be able to cross the line, and cum without touching your nipples.
To help in this, try not to masturbate for a few days, and during those days you don’t cum, tease yourself by watching porn and getting yourself really horny. Then play with your nips but don’t cum! Save your cum for the next day or the day after that. You should be in a state of total horniness when you try to cum just from nippleplay, and if you masturbate every day without edging and teasing yourself, then cumming without touching your dick will be more difficult.
Hope these tips are of use and help you out ;) Would love to hear from your progress! ;)

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