Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank you, Fort Troff

Men who are serious in their quest to enhance my pleasure
I WANT THESE !!! (I hope Ft Troff has alot in stock - save me a pair !)

 Vicious Tit Clamps  Not for newbies…Vicious Tit Clamps are for fuckers whose tits are hard-wired to their cocks. If you live for stretched, sore nips, and love mixin' pleasure and PAIN…then these bad bois oughta be in your toy bag. All of us at the Fort love 'em, cuz you can CONTROL the amount of bite…which makes 'em way better than traditional Japanese clove clamps. Just TWIST the screw…and you can adjust to just the right level of ARRRRRGH…and they STAY tight until you shoot. We also dig the PVC coated tips that provide extra grip…and take some of the bite out. You even have the flexibility to easily REMOVE the chain. Our Vicious Tit Clamps do it ALL. At a damn sharp F.T. price.

Shopping at the Fort - makes me hard, is that wrong?!

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