Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 was GREAT - Here's to an even better 2014 !

Title: Dungeon Pigs Part Two
And the "Dungeon Pigs" are still going hard in this part 2 of video. By now, some have shot their first loads and are "regrouping" to go around again. As one model puts it, "there's no easy, there's only fast and hard." Slinging it up, these "leather necks" find their boys' hole to be tight; that's the nice thing about a sphincter, it contracts. Others use the benches to work over their boys; spit roasting seems to be the main course today, with a dessert of cum eating, served warm.
Panning the room, two are using the sling again to enjoy some fucking along with intense nipple play. Watching the bottom's fat cock bounce to the reverberation of his top, makes any guy stand up and take notice. The two devour one another's tongues as the top pulls out just in time to blow and slide back in. One pair take to masturbating while their "boys" bounce against each other. Spraying loads of cum, each takes his turn in shrinking their ball sacks. In this "playground" of leather and sweat, anything goes as long as everyone blows.
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 I got to admit, if I see a set of bullet nips on a hot guy's chest, I get a primeval urge to take them in both hands and start working em' like there's no tomorrow - maybe gentle at first, through to no holds barred - yup, that includes my own!
Those pleasure centres are hot-wired to a fellas cock, and there's no denying the intensity that can come from a good, up-close-and-personal tit play session.
So suction cups to the ready men...  and let me at em.
 I'm more than happy for a two-way tit tuggin'... suckin'... chewin'... clampin'... lickin'... tyin'... Or just massage those meaty little fellas till we can take no more and are driven to nipple driven ecstasy!
There's nothing to beat a bit of multi-tasking where man on man pleasure is concerned, so the more a fella tunes into as many erogenous zones as possible, the wilder the sensations delivered.
If anyone knows of a good all male nipple play animation in SL let me know - its an area primed for attention and development. So Mr Howlett (master of all that is great in male animation beds), please, if you are listening out there... maybe the time is right for a stand-alone nipple crazy, pec pounding, tit torture animation package?
Shirts off and work those nips guys. Oink!
                                                               Thanks to Torro Spyker -

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