Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friday night in VEGAS (baby) !

High Performance Men presents Brad Kalvo and Dean Monroe in FUR WORSHIP. Dean is on all fours licking the feet of Brad in the locker room. He slowly makes his way up Brad's massive hairy legs and begins to sniff the man scent out of his jock-strap which is bulging with Brad's hard cock throbbing to get out. Dean continues up Brad's body to his massive furry chest where he licks and chews on Brad's thick hair before the two embrace in a deep passionate kiss. The two soon have their cocks out of their jocks and Dean begins by deep throating Brad's hard cock all the way to his hairy crotch. He works over Brad's cock and balls all the while loving the thick patch of pubic hair covering everything. Dean then brings his own uncut cock up to Brad's and does some docking before Brad is on his knees sucking Dean's hard cock. Brad turns Dean around and goes to town eating his beautiful ass as Dean begs him to get his ass all wet so he can fuck him. Brad then gives Dean what he has been begging for and drives his cock deep inside as Dean moans in delight. Dean then climbs on top of Brad and rides his cock with abandon before lying on his back and letting Brad fuck the cum out of him. Brad shoots a nice load all over Dean's hairy body and the two lap up each others cum from their fingers before swapping a deep and passionate kiss at the end. Enjoy!

Bryce turns the tables on Steel, preying on the animal's weakness: stupidity. When Luca returns, Bryce gives him a date with the turnbuckle!

Boyhous opens his cavernous hole to Christian Andrade who pummels him with some of the biggest weapons from the Hole Busters' arsenal. Christian shoves all four giant rubber anal beads in the greedy pig-bottoms' hole and twists them around, massaging Boyhous' prostate from the inside out. Next he grabs the huge bullet-shaped dildo and rams it in and out of Boyhous' ass until the entire toy disappears inside.

Two hot straight guys, Francisco and Brock, chill out for an afternoon of catching up. Since Brock's girlfriend has moved in, Francisco hasn't seen his bud much. The sexy latino friend listens as Brock vents about the infringing girlfriend. Apparently she has turned his stabbin cabin into a chick lair! Brock can't take anymore and he really wants to get back at her. Brock is set on guys doing what guys want to do... drinking beer, arm wrestling when and where they want to, amongst other dude-like things. Francisco is a little bewildered by the train of thought, but he is not one to leave a bro hanging. Hoping a little arm wrestling will calm him down, Brock puts his pythons against Francisco's huge guns. After his quick defeat, Brock gets a little heated and decides the best course of action is to have a good time without the bitch. Lucky for Francisco, Brock's idea of a good time just happens to be sucking a fat, uncut cock and getting railed. Francisco lends his sympathetic ear and does what a good friend should. He thrusts his enormous cock into Brock's mouth and throat fucks him to distract from his girlfriend woes. This clash of pissed off titan bodies includes huge pecs framed by broad shoulders and smooth tanned skin. Brock looks so studly in his 5 o'clock shadow and chest coat that Francisco just can't keep his hands off of it. Francisco eases his thick throbbing uncut cock into Brock's revenge-driven awaiting hole. The two really take some aggression out on each other and pound on the table, couch, and every other surface they can reach. When Brock gets a job done, he really finishes! He blows a hot straight man load all over his hairy belly and Francisco follows suit and unleashes a white rocket all over Brock. His girlfriend may have a surprise waiting for her when she comes home tonight!

Trojan welcomes Justin back to the team as Gio comes back from a job. Trojan introduces the two and Justin is keen to know what makes Gio so popular. When Gio offers to show him, Justin reaches out and grabs the massive packet of Brazilian manmeat, working the cock to full erection. Justin kneels to suck the dark meat then Gio sits back to enjoy Justin's wet mouth a while longer. He soon pulls Justin up and returns the favour while fingering his ass. Gio then turns him, bends him over the sofa and gets to work on the hairy man's asshole with his tongue. No amount of tongue action is going to relax Justin's tight hole enough to take Gio's thick cock but Gio just keeps going at it. He takes him from the back before moving to the chair so that Justin can take charge and fuck himself as hard as he pleases. They move back to the sofa but this time Justin is on his back and Gio fucks him deeper and before long Gio shoots a hot load on Justin's hot hairy chest and Justin unloads a thick creamy load on his belly. 

Trojan meets up with his friend Samuel, from the States, and offers him the use of the gym at the headquarters. Samuel accepts, especially because Lucio might be there training! As Samuel arrives, his training expectations are crushed by the basic equipment but soon realizes that the equipment he truly needs is all there. Lucio doesn’t waste time, jumping on the muscle man as soon as he’s turned around. They explore each other and Samuel goes on to taste Lucio’s massive meat. He then alternates face fucking him deep with shoving his bull like balls in his mouth. They both enjoy it but all good things come to an end, only to make space for more good things! Lucio can’t wait to get to work on Samuel’s ass and he makes a meal out of it. Samuel struggles to take that monster cock when Lucio pushes it against his hole but take it he does. Lucio fucks him hard and deep from behind before rearranging the bench in order to take Samuel on his back. Samuel takes a very good pounding and works Lucio’s cock to explosion. Lucio shoots -- though erupts is more like it -- a huge, thick white load of hot cum all over Samuel’s hairy chest and Samuel follows seconds later with an equally thick load of his own.


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